Enjoying a meal outdoors... ahhhh, there’s nothing like it. Here are a few tips and tricks to make the day easy, fun and delicious!

TIP #1

When you’re cooking over a hot grill, make sure you have all the tools-of-the-trade handy—a cloth for wiping hands and spills, a spatula and tongs, and of course, a cold beverage to ward off thirst.

TIP #4

Bring a permanent marker and write a name on each beverage – whether plastic cup, water bottle or juice box.Voila, no more lost drinks—and you’ll save money too!

TIP #7

Worried about the tablecloth flying away at a beach-front pavilion? Insert grommets into a tablecloth (or just poke holes if you’re not fussy),then use bungee cords underneath the table to keep the cloth from lifting up in the wind.

TIP #10

Worried about pesky bugs getting into your drink? Place a muffin tin liner over the top and poke a straw through.

TIP #13

If your BBQ is away from home, pack a baggie with a ready-made first aid kit, with antibiotic ointment, bandages and aspirin. Accidents are the wrong kind of OMG at your BBQ, so it’s a good idea to be prepared.

TIP #16

Two words to keep kids happy after the sun goes down in your backyard –Flashlight Tag. (Be sure to supervise children after dark and always play in a safe area!)

TIP #2

How do you keep the kids busy while you’re prepping, cooking and socializing?

An outdoor scavenger hunt!
TIP #5

If you’re heading out to cook in a park, a beach or another public place, pack your spices in plastic baggies, so there’s less to carry.

TIP #8

Line the picnic table with brown craft paper and let the kids (and adults!) decorate with crayons and markers.

TIP #11

Water-balloon piñatas hung from a tree branch or a clothesline are a great way to keep the kids cool and entertained.

TIP #14

Keep it cool! If your BBQ is out in the sun, offer guests paper fans made out of cardboard or construction paper, and spray bottles filled with water. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

TIP #3

Create different “rooms” or play areas for kids and friends using blankets to sit on or lay on. Put a shower curtain down on the ground before you lay out the blanket to prevent dampness.

TIP #6

Salads travel well in
large, gallon-size plastic bags — then add the dressing, shake and serve!

TIP #9

To keep the kids entertained, stock up on sidewalk chalk, bubbles, Frisbees, whiffle balls and a corn hole game.

TIP #12

In addition to napkins and paper towels, have a pack of wipes/wet naps for your guests’ sticky fingers. They’ll love it!

TIP #15

Need more light as the sun goes down? Wrap a headlamp around a gallon of water and face the light inside the jug. The water disperses the light, making it into an easy-to-carry lantern.

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